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With the 32nd pick of the NFL Draft, the Steelers select ...

Who cares?

No, not about the Steelers. I share the same passion of thousands, if not millions, of Steelers fans cheering for their team.

I mean who cares about the NFL Draft?

As a recovering draft-watcher, I have no plans to park myself in front of my television for 5 hours and listen to Mel Kiper Jr.'s hair tell me why so-and-so is a great pick at No. 21 when 20 other teams passed on the guy.

I've seen the error of my ways and won't spend my day doing that -- especially when the weather forecast is for a sunny, 70s day.

There's better things to do. Like sit in front of my television and watch baseball for 5 hours (I jest).

The NFL Draft is the biggest hoax on TV these days. It's Geraldo Rivera finding nothing in Al Capone's vault. You see chatter, endless chatter. The live action includes players walking up to a podium, putting on a team hat and smiling.

Talk about excitement. I think I'd rather watch soccer on TV.

Let me get back to the actual draft.

Picking at the end is a mixed blessing for the Steelers.

It means you usually won the Super Bowl. What fan, player or owner wouldn't want that?

But it also means a long wait until the big selection is unveiled. At 10 minutes between picks, there's a long wait between No. 1 and No. 32.

If you look at most mock drafts, Oregon center Max Unger is the odds-on favorite to be that guy.

I, for one, want them to take the proverbial "best player available" with that pick. If it's Unger, so be it. If not, I'm happy, with whoever it is.

The last thing I want is the Steelers to reach for a player who doesn't deserve to be taken with a No. 1 pick.

As for my mock draft, I'm not doing one. It's an exercise in futility. It takes one loose cannon or one trade to throw off a draft, and there are plenty of loose cannon's in the NFL.

No, someone else can take the time to look like an expert. Chances are they'll be wrong.


  1. How right you are, Rick. ESPN's non-stop blathering has turned me off completely. I will not waste one second listening to Mel Crapper telling us about some kid from Southern Wabash who runs a 4.40.


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