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Believe in the Bucs? It's about time

There comes a time when a team believes in itself.

Then there are times when a fan starts to believe in a team.

For me, I think that happened last night after the Pittsburgh Pirates shut out the St. Louis Cardinals 5-0.

It took me 130 games, but I'm there.

I admit it, I fully expected the Pirates to crack this series against the Cards. Nothing changed after the Bucs lost 4-3 Monday.

Well, I thought they might get swept.

Instead, the Pirates responded with back-to-back shutouts of one of the teams they're trying to chase down for a wild-card playoff berth.

Today, before they enter a series against the Milwaukee Brewers, the Pirates are just one game away from that coveted spot.

I'm not sure they'll reach it, but I have faith they won't utterly collapse either, which was a big fear before the Pirates bounced back and beat the Cardinals 9-0 Tuesday.

Maybe Pedro Alvarez will stay hot through the end of the season.

If he does, then I think the Bucs have a very good sho…

Summer's (un)officially over

Yeah, I know there's still a couple more weeks before the calendar says fall begins.

For me, however, summer ends when my kids go back to school.

That was today.

Golf's over (the PGA Tour's playoffs are a joke), baseball pennant drives are heating up and the U.S. Open has started.

Couple that with football around the corner and our vacation to Myrtle Beach, S.C., wrapped up, and it's over.

I'm just waiting for the trees to fall.

Why did they remake 'Total Recall'?

Every so often, I go off topic here.

After a barrage of commercials, I still have no desire to see 'Total Recall.'

Not even Jessica Biel or Kate Beckinsale can bring me to the cineplex.

Maybe it's because I was a fan of the original.

Maybe it's because I found the trailers uninteresting.

I'm still not sure. But I can say you won't see me buying tickets for it.

Maybe it'll be a rental.

Maybe you can convince me it's worth my time.

What's worse: Badminton or a badminton scandal?

Badminton is an Olympic sport.

Yet baseball isn't.

On top of it all, eight athletes have been booted from the badminton competition.

I'm still not sure what's more shocking -- badminton as an official sport or a scandal where eight athletes were tossed for intentionally losing.

And they were doing a terrible job at losing, too.

Maybe they should have been kicked out for being poor at losing.

Either way, gimme some good ol' football.

Or baseball -- the Pirates still are contenders.

One final question: Did NBC have a channel dedicated to badminton?