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Ranking the "Friday the 13th" movies

I'm a horror movie fan, so this time of the year I get into the marathons on cable.

After watching the "Friday the 13th" movies, I decided to go ahead and rank my favorites.

1. The Original. Series doesn't get any better. Jason jumping out of the lake. Kevin Bacon biting the dust. And, don't forget, Jason wasn't the killer in this movie (Ask "Scream" fans).

2. Part 2. Jason dons the burlap bag and jumps through the window at the end. The latter, I presume, is to try to duplicate the scare of the original.

3. Part 3. This one was in 3-D, if that matters. The music at the beginning and end credits was cool (I still like it today. Too bad those end credits aren't played in full like they used to). This was the one where Jason got his hockey mask.

4. Part 6. This is where I probably go in a different direction than others. After the disaster that was Part 5, the writers brought back Jason is a good way. Alice Cooper had the "Man Behind the Mas…

Ishikawa wasn't good enough for Pirates

Travis Ishikawa.

Do you think Cardinals fans are mutter that name this morning?

A guy that was cut from the Pirates hits a ninth-inning home run to clinch a spot in the World Series.

And do you think Pirates fans wish Ishikawa stayed on the team?

The Pirates thought so highly of Ishikawa that they traded for Ike Davis to play first base.

It seems the Pirates Way is to get rid of players and watch them succeed elsewhere.

Maybe that's not entirely true, but it seems that way.