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There's nothing like a 22-4 loss by the Yankees

It's always satisfying to see the New York Yankees lose a baseball game.

It got better when they opened the $1.5 billion Yankee Stadium on Thursday and lost to the Indians.

The best part, however, was the 22-4 bludgeoning of the Yankees by the Cleveland Indians on Saturday.

The highlight was a 14-run second inning that lasted 37 minutes. The Tribe sent 17 batters to the plate that inning.

How has it been going for the Yankees so far? Check out this comment from the New York Daily News after that thrashing:
"We thought Obama banned torture in the United States, but it doesn't count for Yankees fans," said Larry Fannin, 51 of Yorktown Heights, N.Y., who paid $100 for his ticket. "The people around us were screaming we want a refund."
Fannin was lucky. The top ticket at the new Yankee Stadium costs $2,625. I wonder what that person was saying after the game?

The park is a celebration of greed and excess. The only thought put into the stadium was to extract more money from the fans.

Across town, the Mets got it right with CitiField -- except maybe the name.

Either way, I'll take a seat at PNC Park instead.

You don't see the Pirates losing 22-4.


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