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Super Bowl XLVII: Randy Moss said what?

It's Media Day at the Super Bowl, so something needs to stand out.

It didn't take very long for Randy Moss to create headlines.

The 49ers' Moss said he's the greatest wide receiver ever to play the game.

"Now that I'm older, I do think I'm the greatest receiver to ever do it," he said.


There's some guy named Jerry Rice that immediately comes to mind.

Moss is talented, but he's also known for being moody and taking plays off. 

Heck, I'll take Hines Ward before I'd want Randy Moss on my team.

Tiger's back stories about to roar into overdrive

Any minute now, Tiger Woods will wrap up the Farmers Insurance Open.

Even before he sinks that final putt, we've heard that he's back.

As much fun as it was to rip him when he was going though his public divorce, the media now wants to build him back up.

Sorry, folks, I'm still skeptical that he's all the way back.

This is just one tournament. It's on his favorite course. It's January.

Heap all the praise you want on Woods. In my book, he's not back until he wins a major.

That may or may not happen again.

He's lost the air of invincibility. In sports, that's difficult to get back.

The players will truly be the judge on Tiger's status. And, it won't be by what they say in the press.

If the pros start to quiver in a major when Tiger's making his climb up the leaderboard, then I'll start to be convinced.

Until then, I won't bestow the comeback label on him.

No one should be surprised by Peyton Manning's performance

The most exciting game to watch this weekend -- for me, anyway -- was the Ravens' upset of the Broncos.

I know, there was a fantastic finish in the Falcons-Seahawks game, but I give the edge to the Broncos' game.

I guess it's because I'm biased. As much as I don't like rooting for the Ravens, I was happy to see Peyton Manning and the Broncos lose.

It's probably because I'm so sick and tired of the Manning show. Since the midway point of the season, we've been told how great he is and it hasn't stopped.

CBS' telecast was a Manning lovefest.

Going into the game, I heard analysts rave about the Broncos' defense. They actually called it the best defense that Manning has had.

That Super Bowl-winning team Manning had with the Colts was led by Defensive Player of the Year Bob Sanders. I thought that was a pretty darn good team.

That's not the only thing that had me scratching my head.

Everyone had pegged the Broncos for an AFC title game showdo…