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Kordell Stewart retires as a Steeler

Kordell Stewart retired from football Wednesday.


Kordell Stewart retired from football.

It's so bizarre, I had to type it twice.

Does anyone really miss the former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback? Was his time that memorable that he needed to sign a contract to officially "retire" as a Steeler?

I would have been OK with Stewart retiring as a Raven.

It's been seven years.

So now we can start his countdown clock for enshrinement into the Hall of Fame?

Baseball and poker similar in how action unfolds

The game of poker has received a bad rap for years for being too boring. Due to longperiods of inactivity in a game, players tend to tune out of the game. The funny thing
is, Baseball is also one that many of these same people happen to like even though
sometimes it also has has similar long periods of inactivity, even if those long periods are
not shown on TV.

In big poker tournaments, such as the highlights we see in the World Series of Poker, has
skewed the reality of how long of a process that the game can really be. Sometimes even
in baseball, during the World Series there are long period of innings where there isn’t
much going on, like in poker except one person raising and others folding.

That can change quickly and sometimes just as dramatically as a big solo shot homer. A
player can make a raise, followed by a three-bet from another player. The original raiser
then moves all-in and gets called. Now, all the people watching the event are on their
feet cheering and screaming fo…