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Cheap Pirates made mistake with Burnett

So, now where do Pirates fans stand when it comes to A.J. Burnett?

Burnett reportedly will get $16 million for one season with the Phillies.

Who's happy for him?

Who still thinks the Pirates made the right choice?

I disagreed with the Pirates not making a $14 million qualifying offer to Burnett after they passed on him.

Now, after seeing him sign for $16 million, nothing has changed.

The Pirates could have had Burnett for a discount, if you call $14 million a discount.

If Burnett passed, the Pirates wouldn't have been on the hook.

Now, they're out a first-round pick because of the Burnett Blunder.

Yeah, go ahead and rave about the Pirates and their management team.

They're still cheap.

Nothing has changed my mind  that their decisions are primarily based on finances, not winning.

Best defense of all time? 1976 Steelers

Best defense of all time?

There talking about those Seahawks from last night.

They were impressive, but I'd pass on them.

I'd take the 1974 Steelers, 1975 Steelers or 1976 Steelers over them.

Give me the 1985 Bears too.

In fact, I'd take those '76 Steelers over them all.

That team gave up 9.9 points per game and pitched five shutouts.

They would have capped a three-peat in Super Bowls had Franco Harris and Rocky Bleier, a pair of 1,000-yard backs, not missed the AFC championship game against the Raiders.