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Most minor league teams have more wins than Bucs

No. 39.

Dave Parker, one of my favorite Pirates growing up, wore No. 39.

Willie Parker, a favorite of mine from the Steelers, wore No. 39.

I like the number. Unfortunately, 39 doesn't suit this year's Pittsburgh Pirates.

The Pirates have been stuck on 39 wins for a few days now. That wouldn't be too bad if it were June. It's mid-August and they have the worst record in baseball.

How bad is it?

A quick look at minor league baseball tells the story.

In the Pacific Coast League and International League in Triple-A, no team has fewer than 46 wins. That's 30 teams total.

If you go to Double-A and examine the Eastern League, Southern League and Texas League, the lowest total is 34 by the New Britain Rock Cats. Everyone else has at least 43 wins. That's another 30 teams covered.

Add it all up, and there are 88 of 90 teams with more wins than the Pirates.

These Bucs are so bad, they could challenge the worst record of all time.

Normally, fans could hang their hats on t…