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Penguins still have a pulse


Shocking score in quite an entertaining series. It likely would be more entertaining if the Penguins were leading or even tied in their Eastern Conference quarterfinal series with the Philadelphia Flyers.

Unfortunately, they trail 3-1 after shellacking the Flyers 10-3 in Game 4.

Evgeni Malkin scored twice, Jordan Staal had a hat trick and the Penguins exploded on offense.

Marc-Andre Fleury played well in net, too -- at least after the first period.

It's just too bad this win, the first in the series if you haven't been paying attention, came in Game 4.

If this had happened in the first three games, then I'd give the Pens a shot to rally from 3-1 down.

It's nice they get to return home for Game 5. It'd be even better if they won it.

A nice 5-1 win, or even better, a shutout, would do wonders after a laugher like Wednesday.

At least the Pens aren't going down without a fight.

Penguins look lost against Flyers

I had a little more rooting interest in the Pittsburgh Penguins this year than I have in the past.

It was nothing special, but for me it was added incentive to follow them in the playoffs this spring.

I got to the Consol Energy Center for the first time about a month ago and had excellent seats, just four rows from the ice.

Like I said, nothing special, but it felt like I had more of an interest in this year's squad. There was something special about seeing them in person.

The Penguins beat the Coyotes that night, playing wonderful defense and getting great goaltending from Marc-Andre Fleury.

Today, just a day away from Game 4 of the Penguins' series against the Philadelphia Flyers, I wonder what the heck happened to that team I saw a few weeks ago. The team I saw then wouldn't be trailing the Flyers 3-0 and be a good bet to book tee times as soon as Thursday.

I was fired up about the postseason. I thought they were a threat, but I wasn't as blinded by loyalty to pick…

Bad start for Penguins against Flyers

It was one heck of a way for the Pittsburgh Penguins to open the Stanley Cup playoffs Wednesday night.

They had a 3-0 lead and plenty of momentum.

So much for that, along with home-ice advantage in their series against the Philadelphia Flyers.

Stanley Cup contenders don't go around losing games when their up three goals or two goals in the third period.

Luckily, it was only one game, and it was the first game of the series.

There's plenty of time for the Penguins to rebound.

However, the Flyers have owned the Penguins this season. Now the Flyers know they can recover from being three goals down in a game.

I'd like to think that one game doesn't make a series.

But this one left Penguins' fans with a sour taste in their mouths.

Pirates' offense should improve

Yes, the Pittsburgh Pirates likely will struggle to score runs this season.

However, I'm not overly concerned about their listless start to the season.

They've scored seven runs in three games, and managed just one run in their fourth (through six innings).

Three of the four starters they've faced have been pretty darn good pitchers -- Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee and Clayton Kershaw. All three have won Cy Young Awards.

That the Pirates managed to get a win in Lee's start is remarkable.

While the Bucs are looking at a 2-2 start, fans should be grateful it's not 0-4.

And the hitting should get better when the opponents' starting pitchers fall below Cy Young levels.

Is Tiger Woods the new John McEnroe?

I watched the Masters last week and couldn't believe the outbursts by Tiger Woods.

Was I surprised? No.

He's been doing it for a while, but I thought Woods could have shown a little more restraint and decorum.

I don't recall a golfer who consistently gets upset and displays it as much as Woods does.

He expects every shot to be perfect, every putt to find the hole. The problem is, it's golf. You can't be perfect.

While I was rooting for Phil Mickelson (I expected a meltdown and got it) and was amazed by Bubba Watson's shot that set up his playoff win, I couldn't help but compare Woods to John McEnroe.

Mac was the best in tennis at one time. He wasn't as dominant for as long as Woods was, but his touch around the net and shotmaking was brilliant. Oh, there was that temper, too.

Woods has that same temper.

It seems that with each passing day, there could be a growing audience in golf to see if Woods explodes on the course.

That number might not approach th…

Three straight years missing opening day

It's getting easier and easier for me to miss opening day.

This is my third straight season of missing opening day for the Pirates, and the Bucs are making it simple for me to extend my streak.

It used to be a given for me to get a ticket to go to PNC Park in early April. Now, with ownership being frugal, I watch it on television.

Until the Nuttings put money into the team to make it competitive, why should I put money into the Nuttings' pockets?

It's everyone else's choice, and I've made mine. I'd rather drive to Erie or Altoona to see a minor league game than endorse the way the Nuttings run their business.