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Some ideas for the Stroll Inn's next promotion

The story about the Pirates strong-arming the Stroll Inn seems to be taking a life of its own.

The latest revelation is that the owner claimed Frank Coonelly scolded her. You can hear the an interview here.

Again, the Pirates really should be more concerned with what's happening on the field than what others are doing off the field.

I still think the Stroll Inn should have kept the promotion. Maybe, however, the Stroll Inn realized that before too long, they would be giving away free pitchers of beer, or, it would have to pay customers to buy a pitcher, if losses exceeded the cost of the pitcher.

I'd like to see other bars offer a similar deal as a show of solidarity.

To help them along, here are some ideas to consider:

Bad Trade Night. Half off a beer every time the Pirates trade an established player for a minor leaguer.

Bad Pitcher Night. Half off a pitcher of beer every time a Pirates starter gives up more than five runs in a game.

Another game under .500 Night. For every g…

Pirates' workers need a drink of their own

Nothing like a Pirates controversy to bring me out of my slumber.

Apparently, the Stroll Inn had a special that if the Pirates lose -- and, frankly, when don't they lose -- patrons could get a nickel off a pitcher of beer.

That didn't sit well with two employees of the Pirates.

They called for a boycott of the bar. Frank Coonelly, according to WTAE, supports his employees actions.

So, naturally, the bar caved.

You'd think the Pirates' employees, along with Coonelly, would focus instead on improving the team. Instead, they go after a business.

I'd like to see more bars offer a similar deal, not to increase the number of drunk Pirates fans out there, but to stand up against the Pirates.

At least the bar is getting some free publicity out of all this. The Pirates, however, take another PR hit.

Maybe the franchise was jealous they couldn't think up of a creative promotion and they missed out on cashing in on such an idea.

Or just maybe the organization just wante…