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This Bud's not for me

Bud Selig can try to prop up the World Baseball Classic all he wants.
He isn't going to change my mind until he changes some of the tournament's rules.
Selig told anyone within earshot that the WBC will continue. And while he was at it, he told everyone to stop complaining about it.
That includes, players, general managers and members of the media.
The whole shooting match.
The idea behind the Classic was noble. It's a way to grow the game around the world and with baseball's removal from the Olympics, it offered a global tournament.
And, it didn't hurt Selig to sell a few pieces of merchandise along the way.
The trouble was and still is, there's no good time to play it.
March is horrible, with players just getting into game shape. November is too late.
The rules resemble Little League with pitch counts and 10-run rules.
Players find excuses to not play.
Interest in the United States just isn't there, either. Did you see any of the games that took place in Miami?
So Selig can rant all he wants. He's not going to change many minds.
The man who gave us the All-Star Game tie should focus instead on solving the economic disparity going on in Major League Baseball.
That would do more for the game than this so-called classic.


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