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Another year, another early exit for Pitt basketball

Is anyone shocked that Pitt lost the opening game of the NCAA tournament Thursday?

Well, maybe if you believe everything you read in some of the newspapers.

I've argued in the past that the Pittsburgh media has a homer complex when it comes to Pitt basketball. Either that, or they really can't objectively watch the game.

Leading up to the tournament, we heard that Pitt could be seeded as high as third but probably would settle for a sixth seed.

Try eighth.

And they didn't even play like a No. 8.

The Panthers lost to Wichita State 73-55.

Another disappointment.

Their staunch defense slipped (Malcolm Armsted had 22 points and averaged 10.4 this season). They found no go-to scorer when they needed it. And they lost to a team they were supposed to beat.

Steven Adams led Pitt with 13 points and 11 boards, but that was it.

Trey Woodall let the Panthers down, committing five turnovers and having only one assist.

Let the excuses begin.


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