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Watch out, Buffalo, T.O. now has a key to the city

I know the people in Buffalo desperately want to win a championship of some kind.

There's that Wide Right thing in their history, a few other blowouts in the Super Bowl and a near-miss in the Stanley Cup finals.

The thirst is there, and nothing's wrong with that. Every city should desire a championship from one of their professional teams.

Earlier this week, however, the city of Buffalo crossed the line.

They presented Terrell Owens with the key to the city.

If I lived in Buffalo, I'd have my locks changed by now.

Usually, such an honor might go to someone who's accomplished something.

What's T.O. done?

If we keep it strictly in postseason terms, not much. If we talk off-field items, then there's a laundry list, which soon will include T.O.'s antics in Buffalo.

Owens seemed a bit puzzled. He told the Buffalo News this:

“I don’t know why I’m deserving. But I can honestly say that me being here and my dedication, I’ll show you why I’m deserving."

Anything short of a Super Bowl championship and this whole episode stays a colossal joke.

If anyone needs to remember how T.O. performs, just check out this account of his first practice from Mark Gaughan of the Buff News:

For the record, Owens did drop the first pass that came his way, a ball that was a tad high from Edwards on a slant pattern, but one that nevertheless hit the receiver’s hands.

Yeah, expect more of that from T.O. this year instead of catching TD passes in the Super Bowl.

I'd just expect more from a city before bestowing such an honor to someone like T.O.


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