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Hold on to your hats. The top rides at Cedar Point

I got hooked on Cedar Point back in junior high when the Gemini was the top ride and it took nearly two hours to wait in line for the Corkscrew.

I went back several years later when the Gemini became an afterthought and riding the Magnum, Mean Streak and Raptor were on the to-do list for each visit.

A few more years passed by and I returned to the Point. This time, two kids accompanied me through the park.

It's been a two years since my oldest has been tall enough to go on all of the rides, and he's been on all of the major ones there. In fact, he's been on some that I won't even bother.

My wife and I swear something happens when you reach a certain age. I'm not sure what the magic number is, and maybe it's different for each individual, but when you hit it, your equilibrium changes.

He's got nothing to worry about for a while. He loves his coasters. And rides that spin.

Since Cedar Point opens May 16, I asked him for his top rides there.

He has them ranked from 1-10, and I asked him to give each ride a score. Consider it his pythagorean theorem for pure excitement.

Here they are, his favorite rides, from No. 10:

10. Corkscrew: Score: 90 of 100.

9. Skyhawk: 80 of 100. Note: This one made my stomach uneasy after consecutive rides. And I mean consecutive as in back-to-back, no waiting.

8. Disaster Transport: 80 of 100.

7. Wicked Twister: 80 of 100.

6. Magnum: 95 of 100.

5. Maxair: 95 of 100. Note: I have not been on this ride, nor do I think I'll go on this ride.

4. Raptor: 100 of 100.

3. Mantis: 100 of 100.

2. Top Thrill Dragster: 100 of 100.

1. Maverick: 100 of 100.


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