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Ranking the "Friday the 13th" movies

I'm a horror movie fan, so this time of the year I get into the marathons on cable.

After watching the "Friday the 13th" movies, I decided to go ahead and rank my favorites.

1. The Original. Series doesn't get any better. Jason jumping out of the lake. Kevin Bacon biting the dust. And, don't forget, Jason wasn't the killer in this movie (Ask "Scream" fans).

2. Part 2. Jason dons the burlap bag and jumps through the window at the end. The latter, I presume, is to try to duplicate the scare of the original.

3. Part 3. This one was in 3-D, if that matters. The music at the beginning and end credits was cool (I still like it today. Too bad those end credits aren't played in full like they used to). This was the one where Jason got his hockey mask.

4. Part 6. This is where I probably go in a different direction than others. After the disaster that was Part 5, the writers brought back Jason is a good way. Alice Cooper had the "Man Behind the Mask" song for the end credits.

5. Part 4. Why do I have this below Part 6? Maybe at the time it was released I didn't want the series to end (little did I know it wasn't "The Final Chapter"). Maybe it's because I'm not a Crispin Glover fan. Or Corey Feldman.

6. Part 7. The telekinetic part was different, and a nice twist. Lar Park-Lincoln reminded me of someone I dated as a teen, too.  I believe this is where Kane Hodder makes his debut as Jason (my favorite actor to play Jason).

7. Part 9. Otherwise known as "Jason Goes To Hell" and "The Final Friday." Yeah, we've heard that one before. If you watched "Friday the 13th: The Series" you'll recognize John D. LeMay.

8. Part 8. "Jason Takes Manhattan" but he didn't do much for me. Movie had potential but was one of the worst.

9. Part 10. This one was known as "Jason X." Jason goes into the future, and into space. I liked the upgrade Jason got, but otherwise, this one was pretty forgettable.

10. Part 5. "A New Beginning" practically killed the franchise, at least in my opinion. Nothing really memorable. Very forgettable. Worst of the bunch.

OK, so what about "Freddy vs. Jason" and the reboot? Loved them both. Should they be considered with the 10 above?

Well, I'd put "Freddy vs. Jason" as No. 2 and the reboot as No. 3 on the list if I had to rank 'em.

There you have it.

What do you think?


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