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Steelers Nation mourns loss of Chuck Noll

Chuck Noll has passed away.

It still doesn't seem right to type those words.

I know Noll was 82 when he died in his sleep Friday after being in ill health, but it doesn't seem possible.

The news froze me when I heard it a little before midnight.

Chuck Noll is dead? Wow.

I couldn't believe it.

He was a hero of mine growing up. How could you grow up in the '70s near Pittsburgh and not root for the Steelers?

Noll was the firm hand guiding the Steelers to Super Bowl championships
It wasn't that long ago when he was carried off a field winning a Super Bowl.

And it couldn't have been that long ago when he stepped down as a four-time Super Bowl champ.

That was a sad day. Today is even sadder.

It's too bad we can't just push pause and stop and cherish those moments a little bit longer. But time moves on and all we'll have left is memories of The Emperor.

Rest in peace. Steelers Nation mourns your passing.

And thanks for the wonderful memories. You changed a city.

What are your favorite memories?


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