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Pirates made mistake with Burnett

Why are so many people defending the Pirates with their decision to pass on making a qualifying offer to A.J. Burnett in the offseason?

I don't get it.

And maybe it's not 'so many.' Maybe it just seems that way with members of the media defending the cheap regime of the Buccos.

But, again, I don't get it.

The Pirates could have offered Burnett $14.1 million. Burnett could have passed. Nothing lost there. In fact, the Pirates could have looked much better by saying we're trying to spend money.

On top of that, the Pirates could have received draft-pick compensation if Burnett signed with another team. Another plus for the team.

And, these days, $14.1 million for Burnett is the going price, or even a discount for pitchers with a low ERA (3.30 for Burnett) and a high strikeout total (more than 1 per inning).

And don't tell me the rotation is strong without him.

I don't see how you can be comfortable with Charlie Morton, Wandy Rodriguez and Edison Volquez as Nos. 3-5. Go ahead and throw in Jameson Taillon. There's no guarantee he'll be as good as Gerrit Cole was upon his promotion.

The Burnett move reeks of the Pirates being cheap. Again.

Teams are getting $20-25 million per year in national TV revenue. The attendance is up at PNC Park.

Why can't the Pirates invest in improving their team after such a magical season?

They needed to get better this offseason. They haven't.

There's no guarantee they'll be back to the playoffs this year.

Ask the Washington Nationals how 2013 went.

The only way the Pirates come out good in this is if Burnett resigns with Pittsburgh for less than $14 million. Think that will happen? Especially with the Orioles and Rays interested in him?

Doubt it.

It's another miss for the Pirates' management team.


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