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MLB Players Poised For A Rebound After A Tough April

When it comes to fantasy baseball, the regular season is all about making the right waiver wire pickups, and trading for guys at the right time. With about a month of the season in the book, some owners might be getting a bit frustrated with solid players having bad starts. So who are some of the best players to target in a trade that you could probably get for well below value? Here’s a look at three of the best options.

Yovani Gallardo

David Price and Matt Cain are two of the top pitchers who have struggled early, but most fantasy baseball owners will probably be smart enough to hold onto them. However, Gallardo has never truly been elite, so chances are you can trade for him without giving up a ton.

The right-hander is consistent with his strikeouts and walk rate throughout his career, so despite them being out of control right now, they should return to normal. He has had a few slow starts in the past, and it might actually be a pattern for him.

Adrian Beltre

Owners might look at his age and poor start and figure he is finally hitting that wall. Adrian Beltre is a true professional hitter though, and hitters in Texas really seem to turn it up a notch in the summer months when the ball carries more.

His plate discipline is still there, as he rarely strikeouts out (which is rare for a power hitter). All those balls in play will eventually bring his numbers back up.

Jason Kipnis

During the months leading up to fantasy baseball drafts, Kipnis was talked about quite a bit. He is considered one of the top young second basemen in the league. However, due to the fact that he is struggling a ton, owners might have already had enough.

The biggest issue for him right now is his elbow. It has not been a big enough injury to keep him out of a lot of games, but it is affecting his batting average (below .200). There are still few second basemen out there right now. Owners might give him away for next to nothing at this point.


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