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The NIT passes on Pitt

Everyone knew the Pitt basketball team wasn't good enough to get invited to the NCAA tournament with a 17-16 record.

It didn't seem to be a stretch for it to end up playing in the NIT tournament.

It turns out the Panthers weren't good enough for the NIT.

Instead, Pitt will host Wofford (19-13) in the CBI tournament Wednesday at the Petersen Events Center.

I'm sure we'll hear all the good reasons why playing in the College Basketball Invitation is a good thing.

It'll probably be along the lines of a young team will continue to develop, it'll give the seniors a chance to extend there careers a little more, and other happy thoughts.

I'm not buying it.
Pitt should have stated Sunday it would not accept any postseason invitations and spared itself of the embarrassment of being snubbed by the NIT.

The only thing worse would be a loss to Wofford.

Don't think it can''t happen.


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