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In season of offense, a defense will win the Super Bowl

For a team favored to win the Super Bowl, I've seen way too many people pick the New York Giants over the New England Patriots.

So many are picking the Giants that I'm sure the Patriots are playing the Disrespect Card as one of their rallying cries before the game.

I'm not sure it will be enough for the Patriots to prevail.

Tom Brady has the offense, but Eli Manning and the Giants aren't too far behind on defense either.

The big question is whether super tight end Rob Gronkowski will play and, if he does, how much that high ankle injury will hinder him.

Gronkowski is a big part of that offense, and without him or with him less than 100 percent, it slows down the Pats.

Manning has the weapons, too. Victor Cruz emerged as one of the top wide receivers in the game. Hakeem Nicks is the other favored target who has plenty of upside as well.

Each team has the ability to score plenty. But, in a season highlighted by high-powered offenses, I think the Giants defense will be the difference.

Both defenses struggled at time this year and both are peaking right now. However, I think the Giants are playing much better right now.

The Giants should be able to stop Brady and his no-huddle attack just enough to win Super Bowl XLVI.

Giants 33, Patriots 29


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