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Pitt goes in wrong direction at Compass Bowl

The Pitt football team scored six points in its spring practice game Saturday in Birmingham, Ala.

The defense, however, gave up 28 points at Legion Field.

OK. It wasn't Pitt's spring practice. It easily could have been.

It was Pitt's BBVA Compass Bowl loss to SMU on Saturday, and it certainly wasn't any more entertaining than a spring practice.

The Panthers gave up 21 straight points before you knew it and had to go through the motions for three more quarters to secure a 6-7 record.

The highlights of the game included a blocked punt, a field-attempt hitting the post, a lost fumble by quarterback Tino Sunseri and a pass bounce off the helmet of one player and into an SMU player's hands.

Yep. It was that kind of a day for Pitt.

Actually, it was a fitting ending for a season that spiraled out of control, highlighted by former coach Todd Graham bolting before the bowl game.

Now the Panthers can look forward to the future with new coach Paul Chryst.

The actual spring game can't come soon enough.


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