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Steelers should play it safe with Roethlisberger

I don't believe for a minute that Ben Roethlisberger is healthy enough to play against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.

Could he hobble around and throw the ball? Yep.

Is it worth the risk? Nope.

The Steelers should know around kickoff if their game against the Browns has any meaning. If the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Baltimore Ravens, then a Steelers' win gives them the AFC North title. If the Ravens win -- and I think they will -- then the Steelers' game is meaningless.

Roethlisberger should sit either way.

The Steelers shouldn't risk further injury to Big Ben.

I understand his desire to play.

But the Steelers need to understand the need to keep him healthy. Do you think the Browns would like a shot at injuring him as payback for Colt McCoy's concussion? I do.

Any playoff run needs Roethlisberger to be as close to 100 percent as possible.

I don't see how letting him play gets him closer to that goal.


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