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Pitt should sit Sunseri vs. Syracuse

That wasn't a Backyard Brawl in Morgantown, W.Va.,  on Friday. It was a display of how to lose a football game. And it was classic Pitt football from the 2011 season.

I bailed on Tino Sunseri as Pitt's quarterback back in September. Pitt escaped with a win against Maine, and Sunseri looked like a quarterback better suited for Division II or Division III, not a team that had aspirations for winning a Big East championship.

Nearly two months later, Sunseri hasn't changed.

Left with a chance to beat West Virginia, Sunseri looked awful. I'm not sure awful is strong enough, but Sunseri stunk when it mattered most.

Faced with a three-man rush, Sunseri got sacked four times on the team's final series and had an intentional grounding call, all of which were poor decisions.

Sunseri can't be counted on when the game is on the line. Heck, he can't be counted on to protect a lead.

Maybe things would have been different if running back Ray Graham didn't suffer a season-ending injury earlier in the season.

That still wouldn't have changed Sunseri's ability to play quarterback.

Pitt needs a win Saturday against Syracuse to become bowl eligible. That they still have a chance to play a bowl game is a joke.

Sunseri shouldn't start Saturday's game, bowl berth on the line or not. I have no interest in seeing Pitt play in the Beef O'Brady's Bowl or any other third-tier game. Chances are Sunseri would lose that game, too.

Coach Todd Graham needs to find a quarterback for next season.The search should begin Saturday.


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