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Lack of composure at the end troubling for Steelers

I'll get to more posts about the Super Bowl during the week, but I wanted to get this off my chest first.

How can such a veteran team noted for poise and the ability to rally at the end of games, look so inexperienced running the two-minute drill?

Right up to the end of Super Bowl XLV, I thought the Steelers were going to pull it out.

It was a similar feeling I had at the end of Super Bowl XLIII when the Steelers beat the Cardinals.

Instead, Ben Roethlisberger and Co. looked like they were running the hurry-up offense for the first time.

Speedburner Mike Wallace did not know -- or couldn't hear -- what plays were being called.

That's fine. But why still throw to him when he's raising his arms in the air.

The Steelers should have had some plays ready and memorized for the end of the game, just in case they needed it.

Maybe they did -- it just didn't show.

It's amazing, after all the trouble they had, they still could have won at the end.

Maybe I shouldn't have expected it. Maybe it was fitting with how they played the game, especially with Keyaron Fox's penalty on the kickoff return.


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