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Steelers need to give Reed the boot

I've seen enough of Jeff Reed.

I grew tired of him last season when he gave half-hearted effort while trying to tackle the opposing team on kickoff returns. He put more effort into beating up towel dispensers than going after kick returners.

I could let that pass. Besides, if the returner gets tackled earlier, then Reed wouldn't be put into that position.

Make the kicks and everything is cool with me.

Well, he's not making the kicks, which is the key job for a kicker.

Sunday's miss (from 26 yards) against the Patriots was Reed's seventh in nine games. I'm sure his comments complaining about the fans and the Heinz Field turf didn't endear him to many.

Now come reports that the Steelers are going to bring in some kickers Tuesday.

If the Steelers are lucky, they'll have a new kicker Tuesday night.


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