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Meek? That's weak. Gimme Strauburg in All-Star Game

Evan Meek.


It's been more than a day and I still can't get used to those two words being tossed together in the same sentence.

It's not that Evan Meek didn't have the statistics to deserve being an All-Star. Everyone is throwing around his ERA (0.96) and assures us it's a good choice.

And, besides, someone from the Pirates had to make the team.

I would prefer it be someone else. I'd prefer someone other than a middle reliever.

I don't think middle relievers belong in all-star games. Sorry, I just don't think they are that deserving.

I understand middle relief is part of the game these days, I don't believe it should be part of the All-Star Game.

While Meek has a stellar ERA, he does have five blown saves this season and only five holds (one of the few, unreliable statistics out there for relievers).

They way I look at it, the All-Star Game is still an opportunity to showcase the best players in the league for the fans. And while commissioner Bud Selig wants us to believe the game means something because the winner of the midsummer classic gets home field for the league in the World Series, Selig hasn't changed other rules to convince me that he's 100 percent behind making the game matter.

If he were, every team would not be required to be represented in the game.

Which brings me back to my point that this game still is for the fans.

Because it is, I believe Nationals uber phenom Stephen Strasburg should be on it, even though he's only been in the majors for a few weeks. Everyone is talking about Strasburg. Let's see what he can do on the big stage against the American League's best.

And, instead of Meek, I'd rather see Andrew McCutchen as the Pirates' representative. I'd rather see what he can do in the All-Star Game than see Meek take the mound.

But that's just me.

At least I'm not trying to defend Omar Infante's selection.

Now that's just ridiculous.


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