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3 good reasons to root for Butler

I'll be up front from the start: I'm not a Duke fan.

With Duke, it's either you love 'em or you don't.

I don't love 'em.

Then The Indianapolis Star ran this illustration last week.

Pretty funny, I thought.

Coach K didn't like it, though.

Here's what the Associated Press reported from Coach K:
"It was kind of juvenile. Not kind of, it was just juvenile. You know, my seven grandkids didn’t enjoy looking at it: ‘That’s not Papi.’"
It reminds me of Krzyzewski complaining to an official after not getting a call.

The Blue Devils could be up 25 points with five minutes left in the game and Coach K would complain about not getting a foul call.

The Indy Star didn't like the finished product and pulled it after 30,000 copies ran.

Noted newspaper designer Charles Apple recently commented on the illustration. Apple, like me, liked it. Apple thought it could have been better.

I’d have asked the designer to tone it down just a notch, perhaps. For starters, I don’t like the bullseye on the forehead — that just seems ominous. Nor do I care for the long hair — I don’t think that works visually. I’d have asked for fewer marks on the face, perhaps.

Coach K made it a bigger story than what it should have been.

But enough about him and his thin skin.

Let's talk Butler.

A win by the Bulldogs would be more than a victory by David over Goliath.

If college basketball was run the same way as college football, Butler wouldn't be in the championship game.

We'd probably be watching Kentucky vs. Kansas.

Maybe a Butler win would help get rid of the BCS.

And a Butler win would guarantee a few more "Hoosiers" references. There's certainly nothing wrong with that.

Maybe they'll even run the picket fence.


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