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Pirates shouldn't worry about Mauer

Joe Mauer's new $23 million-a-year contract shouldn't make Pirates fans worry.

There's been some nervousness out there that Mauer's deal will have some ramifications on the Pittsburgh Pirates.

I wish that could be true.

First, you have to suspend belief that the Pirates will ever develop a player of Mauer's caliber. Mauer is a three-time American League batting champion and is the reigning AL MVP.

When was the last time the Pirates had that?

Then, taking the leap of faith that an Andrew McCutchen or Pedro Alvarez becomes a player like that, you need to buy into the theory that Nutting and Co. would keep a player like that on the roster long enough to negotiate such a deal.

Chances are McCutchen or Alvarez would be traded before negotiations would ever get reasonable close to a deal happening.

In fact, with Alvarez being represented by everybody's favorite agent, Scott Boras, it's highly doubtful Alvarez would spend a second longer with the franchise than he has to.

Finally, even if things would progress, do you really think the Pirates would be willing to spend any money to keep a competitive team together, providing they become competitive?

I don't.

McCutchen, Alvarez or anyone else that might pan out won't be in Pittsburgh too long. It's the sad state of the Pirates.

And they weren't going to stay long before the Mauer signing.

That's just the way it is being a Pirates fan.

You just have to get used to it.


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