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Saints deliver killer knockouts to QBs

Random thoughts from Sunday's championship games:

  • The New Orleans Saints have faced two Hall of Fame quarterbacks in back-to-back rounds and still won. They beat up, battered and bruised Brett Favre and the Vikings in the NFC title game and did the same to Kurt Warner and the Cardinals. It's looking more and more likely that the Saints sent both Warner and Favre into retirement. Up next, another Hall of Fame QB, Peyton Manning. I don't think that'll be his last game.
  • The Jets still had a chance to win the AFC title game until Reggie Wayne recovered his own fumble in the fourth quarter. Had the ball bounced the other way, the Jets could be making travel plans for Miami.
  • The Vikings got too cute at the end of regulation trying to confuse the Saints and got burned. The 12-men-on-the-field penalty cost them the game. Well, Favre's interception didn't help either.
  • Vikings RB Adrian Peterson looked like former Steelers RB Tim Worley carrying the football.
  • If I'm calling plays for the Vikings, there's no way I run wide receiver Percy Harvin right after he fumbles the football. Of course, the Vikes did and the Saints recovered Harvin's fumble.
  • I've been critical of Favre, but you have to admit he's one tough son of a gun.
  • Darrelle Revis is the best cover man in the game today. However, after watching Pierre Garcon go crazy against the Jets, I'm not so sure it was the best idea to put Revis solely on Reggie Wayne for the entire game.
  • I'm still amazed that Jets WR Braylon Edwards held on to the football to complete that long TD.
  • The NFL needs more opinionated coaches like the Jets' Rex Ryan and less like the Patriots' Bill Belichick.
  • I think Peterson just fumbled again.


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