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Belichick's blunder an epic one

Bill Belichick gambled against the Colts on Sunday night.

Peyton Manning made him pay.

Leading 34-28 with about 2 minutes left in the game, the Patriots faced a fourth-and-2 from their own 28.

Common sense dictates punting from that spot and turning the game over to the defense.

Belichick is anything but common.

The Patriots gained 1 yard, the Colts got the ball and scored.

Then the debate began. Was it a good call?

There shouldn't be a debate. Such a call shouldn't be made.

Only someone so full of himself would even consider going for it. Only someone with a warped sense of the sport would attempt to pull of such a stunt.

"We tried to win the game on that play," Belichick said after the loss.

Yeah, right.

No. He tried to show his superiority. Now we have a better idea what kind of "genius" he really is.

It's not very often when a coach truly is responsible for losing a game. Usually, it's the players' fault.

Not this time. This one falls squarely on the head of the Hooded One.

Can you imagine what would have happened if Eric Mangini tried such a move? I'll bet he would get fired before he left the locker room.

Fortunately for Belichick, he has a nice resume to fall back on.

Many people think of Belichick as the coach who built a dynasty in New England and nearly had a perfect season.

For me, that pristine image of a football wizard smarter than anyone who ever walked the sideline has taken quite a hit since he started raising Lombardi trophies.

First, there was Spygate. Then there was his team's choke job in the Super Bowl against the Giants. Now, there's Bill's Blunder.

It's one for the history books.


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