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Nutting or Lerner? Which one do you prefer?

The Cleveland Browns are bad.





Yeah, I like to pile on sometimes.

But back to the Browns.

During their loss to the Steelers on Sunday, it got me thinking that it would be terrible being a Cleveland Browns fan.

I know a few at work, and the Steelers' domination combined with the Browns' ineptitude has taken all of the fun out of a Steelers win in the rivalry.

Those fans are miserable. They expect bad things to happen. They don't expect good luck.

Again, it would be terrible being a Cleveland Browns fan.

Their ownership stinks, their management stinks, their players stink.

But I stopped myself. I'm a Pittsburgh Pirates fan. I have it just as bad, or perhaps, worse.

Our ownership stinks, our management stinks and our players stink.

So, I simply ask this: Would you rather have the Nutting ownership running your favorite team or the Lerner ownership that has run the Browns?


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