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Surprise! Brett Favre is back. Again.

I knew it was too good to be true.

Not too long ago Brett Favre said he wouldn't return to the NFL.

Well, he had a change of heart.


On Tuesday, Favre announced he's back for more, signing a deal to play for the Minnesota Vikings.

I'm tired of the Favre roller coaster. It has more ups and downs than the Phantom's Revenge.

And I'm guessing this season ends on a down note, like Favre's comeback with the Jets last season.

Vikings fans thinking Favre will recapture his old magic are mistaken. He's not the answer.

Favre was once a great player, having won a Super Bowl and played in another. He turned John Madden into a gushing schoolgirl.

But the key word here is "was." Favre's not even a good quarterback any more. And he quite possibly can hurt the team more than help.

When Favre retired the last time, Jets teammates spoke about what a distraction it was.

I'll bet it'll be more of the same this time.

Why can't athletes just retire and stay retired?

Not everyone can go out on top like Jerome Bettis and John Elway.

But at least those two knew when it was time.

Nearly everyone seems to think it's Favre's time too. Everyone, except him.


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